Today Labour plans to tax the poor. Just the poor.

Labour councillors in Brighton & Hove this afternoon face a problem – one of their own making. And to fix their problem, 16,000 very low income households, many of them hard working but very low paid families, must suffer a near doubling of the council tax they pay. This is […]

How one person holds a city to ransom

Some time after 4pm this afternoon, one lone Brighton & Hove councillor, one sole Labour representative serving on a little known committee, will make one of the most important decisions this whole city has to take for years to come. It appears that Councillor Warren Morgan, Labour spokesperson on the […]

Balcombe: scaling back or scaling up?

Fracking company Cuadrilla has ‘scaled back’ operations at its notorious Balcombe location. So why will I nevertheless be joining the thousands of protestors this weekend outside the quiet country field that has suddenly become a site of heavy and unwelcome industry? Because ‘scaling back’ is meaningless PR wordplay. Cuadrilla has […]

Slave labour

Zero hours: zero news

Despite the general agreement in Brighton & Hove that the Argus newspaper is no friend of the Green Party, and despite my position as chair of the city’s Greens, I generally bite my tongue about individual articles I may dispute, in the interests of party-press relations. However, Monday’s Argus front […]

“It’s not a spare room,” she yelled. “It’s a lifeline.”

Yesterday’s announcement that the High Court has backed the government’s bedroom tax stance against disabled people is a huge blow to thousands upon thousands of low-income families who have disabled family members – a great many living in Brighton and Hove. For such people, separate bedrooms is often not a […]

The super-reality of superinjunctions

Enough speculation on the hazy grey, twilight world of superinjunctions. Here’s the reality. We the people are being kept in the dark. Over the years, the high court has quietly been coming up with greater and greater reporting restrictions such that no-one dare even own up to their existence. But […]

Sea, salt and cracked pepper

The other day, my brother-in-law wondered on Facebook why the expiry dates on British packets of crisps (translation: potato chips) always occur on Saturdays. This gave rise to a conversation which I joined, to find myself inadvertently giving my explanation of the phenomenon at some length. I was then encouraged […]