Yearly Archives: 2014

Today Labour plans to tax the poor. Just the poor. 243

Labour councillors in Brighton & Hove this afternoon face a problem – one of their own making. And to fix their problem, 16,000 very low income households, many of them hard working but very low paid families, must suffer a near doubling of the council tax they pay. This is a financial demand that will […]

Labour in Brighton & Hove needs to abandon its Pavilion fantasy and concentrate on what it might win 290

After the Euro results on Sunday night, the Labour Party in Brighton & Hove wasted no time in claiming that its extremely narrow victory over the Greens in the Euro elections “confirm that the city council and all three parliamentary seats are expected to return to Labour” in 2015. Yet last week’s lead was just […]

How one person holds a city to ransom 2

Some time after 4pm this afternoon, one lone Brighton & Hove councillor, one sole Labour representative serving on a little known committee, will make one of the most important decisions this whole city has to take for years to come. It appears that Councillor Warren Morgan, Labour spokesperson on the council’s P&R committee, must alone […]