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Rob Shepherd
Rob Shepherd
My name’s Rob Shepherd. By day I manage the press release agency Press Dispensary but this site isn’t about that: this is my personal blog where I’m shoving into the ether a few general thoughts, some politics and the odd bit of creative writing.

Writing’s important to me: my first play was a 15 minute comedy, written when I was ten, which became our school’s end-of-term play. My first short story – dystopian science fiction, as every schoolchild’s first fiction should be – was published when I was 14. Since then I’ve had a variety of careers in music, journalism, radio, film, TV, video and PR, with writing the common thread through all of them.

Politics are equally important. I’ve been politically active since my teens, when I found myself negotiating a route from a childhood of liberal conservatism to an adulthood on the left of the Labour Party (while my parents went in the opposite direction and my dad became three times a Tory mayor). Like many of my generation, I left Labour at the rise of Noo Labour, its shift to the centre-right and the utter abandonment of any principles in pursuit of power for its own sake. Then Iraq came and I was glad to be away from the immoral debacle of Blair’s illegal war.

That led to years in a wilderness of political independence as I found myself unable to accept the degree of compromise that seemed to accompany political parties. Rather like organised religions, they all seemed hell bent on self-perpetuation, with everything else expendable should continuance be threatened (and for ‘continuance’ read a couple of points in their share of the vote).

Then I was introduced to the Green Party, which was founded on ethics and unlike others continues with ethics and conscientious decision-making at its heart. Like so many, I had until then rather ignorantly thought the party was purely about environmentalism but discovered the blend of environmental and social justice that is actually at its core.

Over the last few years I’ve been an extremely active Green and, among other roles, I’m a former chair of the Brighton & Hove Green Party. But I’m presently taking some time out from frontline activism following the recent birth of our daughter. I live in Brighton, having moved here 20 years ago.

My Voices off page gives a bit more info with links to other relevant sites.

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