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My name's Rob Shepherd. By day I manage the press release agency Press Dispensary but this site isn't about that: this is my personal blog where I'm shoving into the ether a few general thoughts, much politics and the odd bit of creative or writing. Writing's important to me: my first play was a 15 minute comedy written when I was ten and which became our school's end-of-term play. My first short story - somewhat dystopian science fiction - was published when I was 14. Since then I've had a variety of careers in music, journalism, radio, film, TV, video and PR, with writing the common thread through all of them. Politics are equally important. I've been politically active since my teens, when I quickly negotiated a course of self-education from my parents' liberalism to the left of the Labour Party (while my parents negotiated themselves to the right of the Conservative Party and my dad became 3-times Tory Mayor of our home town). Like many of my generation, I left Labour at the rise of Noo Labour, the shift to the right and the utter abandonment of any principles in pursuit of power for its own sake. Then Iraq came and I was glad to be away from the immoral debacle of Blair's illegal war. I've lived in Brighton, England, since 1994, with a spell out in nearby Lewes, and I am presently chair of the Brighton & Hove Green Party.

Labour in Brighton & Hove needs to abandon its Pavilion fantasy and concentrate on what it might win

After the Euro results on Sunday night, the Labour Party in Brighton & Hove wasted no time in claiming that its extremely narrow victory over the Greens in the Euro elections “confirm that the city council and all three parliamentary seats are expected to return to Labour” in 2015. Yet […]

How one person holds a city to ransom

Some time after 4pm this afternoon, one lone Brighton & Hove councillor, one sole Labour representative serving on a little known committee, will make one of the most important decisions this whole city has to take for years to come. It appears that Councillor Warren Morgan, Labour spokesperson on the […]

Balcombe: scaling back or scaling up?

Fracking company Cuadrilla has ‘scaled back’ operations at its notorious Balcombe location. So why will I nevertheless be joining the thousands of protestors this weekend outside the quiet country field that has suddenly become a site of heavy and unwelcome industry? Because ‘scaling back’ is meaningless PR wordplay. Cuadrilla has […]

“It’s not a spare room,” she yelled. “It’s a lifeline.”

Yesterday’s announcement that the High Court has backed the government’s bedroom tax stance against disabled people is a huge blow to thousands upon thousands of low-income families who have disabled family members – a great many living in Brighton and Hove. For such people, separate bedrooms is often not a […]